So instead of finishing up the three posts I have sitting in my draft box, I decided to derail a bit and actually focus on clothes.

Clothes can be a touchy subject for a lot of us bigger gals. For a very long time we were stuck at the racks of shame in department store. While our friends were looking at the cute Juniors outfits, we’d wander back to the Women’s section and flip through a few hideous suit jackets and a section that looked like it was the rejected shipment of an L.L. Bean catalogue.

But clothing has come a long way for us fat ladies, with stores like Lane Bryant, Avenue, Dress Barn, and dozens of others popping up all over the country as well as a plethora of not only online stores but actual “normal people” stores carrying plus size lines from Forever 21 to Saks Fifth Avenue. Too bad I’m way too cheap to shop at most of them. Thanks for the awesome bras, Lane Bryant, but I’m not spending $60 on a t-shirt. No, I don’t care what kind of cotton it’s made out of.

So here we come to the purpose of my FATshion Tuesdays. For any of you ladies on a budget, I’ll post where I got each item — linking to the websites if I’m able to– and probably talk a little bit about my experiences at each. The idea is to share a bit of my plus size bargain hunting abilities and hopefully get tips from any of you who have any resources I haven’t considered yet.

And hopefully soon I’ll figure out a way to take my picture without cell phone + mirror.

Shirt: Dress Barn; gift, but approx. $20
Cardigan: Forever 21; $10
Owl Necklace: Claire’s; $6
Belt: Forever 21; $8
Skirt: Family Thrift Stores; $5
Shoes: Mudd Roxie – Family Thrift Stores; $6
Earrings: Street vendor; $7 (very much like these)

Total Outfit: $62

Not one of my cheapest outfits, but one with a few layers to it. I’m fond of thrift store finds; you find all sorts of adorable things there, sometimes things from name brand stores that have never been worn. I remember admiring this specific style of cardigan at Lane Bryant where they seemed to be going for about $40 a pop. I picked up one in green, and then a few months later found one in this gorgeous blue/teal pop up at my local thrift store chain for $8.

Shop around at your local thrift stores. If you live in a major city you probably have several chains, and almost all of them will have a specific area for plus size clothing. Find the one with the best selection of clothing in a style you like and visit from time to time. I make all kinds of great, inexpensive finds at mine all the time.