Dear Fat Clothing Industry,

Please use colors.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that we’re finally able to wear clothing that aren’t mumus or elastic-waisted jeans from Wal-Mart. I’m thrilled that I can see some of the latest fashions and then go and purchase them in my size. That’s fantastic, good job, and keep it up.

But walking into a plus size section and seeing a sea of black, grey, brown and cream is getting a little tired. Basics are nice, but sometimes a girl wants to wear some color. You know, like normal people do. A little pop of teal here, some eye-catching mustard tights, maybe a pair of bright red skinny jeans? Believe it or not, sometimes we do like drawing attention to our bodies. See, we aren’t ashamed of them like a lot of people think we should be and, in fact, believe we look rather fantastic. We would like the same opportunity as everyone else in regards to showing them off with blossoming and stylish colors of the season.

I realize that you probably think that fat people can’t be trusted with colors. You’re probably thinking about Mimi from The Drew Carey Show and going “clearly these people can’t be trusted with colors. Let’s start them off with something basic.” But what you have to realize is that it’s not your job to police our bodies. It’s your job to sell us shit. And let’s face it, you’re major corporations. No matter what you say about not wanting to create a plus size line because it might encourage obesity ultimately what you care about is making money. And boy howdy, is there a market here for you. You could open the fat floodgates and rake in all our chubby dollars and cents. I mean, seriously, where else would we go? You’d have a monopoly on brick and mortar stores stateside that actually offer plus size clothes in bright, bold colors. Maybe even adorable Anthropologie-esque prints, though I realize that’s about as likely as Anthropologie actually offering sizes above a twelve within my lifetime.

So do what you do best. Make money. I realize it’s scary to be the instigator of fat people being visible, but it’s alright. We can handle it. I promise.

I just really, really want a pair of mustard fucking tights that I don’t have to order online.

A Fat Person Who Wears Clothes.

Cardigan: Old Navy – Size XXL ($15)
Top: Lane Bryant – Size 18/20 ($5)
Flower Pin: Charming Charlies ($8)
Earrings: Earthbound Trading Company ($3)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($2)
Belt: Forever 21 – 2X/3X ($8)
Skirt: eShakti – Size 22 ($29)
Leggings: Dress Barn – Plus Size ($12)
Boots: Payless – 8.5 Regular ($30)

Total: $112

Definitely not one of my cheaper outfits, mostly because of the boots and the skirt. And the metric fuck-ton of accessories I seem to have piled on today. I love shopping eShakti’s clearance skirt section, which is where I got this skirt about a year and a half ago. It has these adorable paisley-swirled patterns done in vines that make my inner hipster swoon.

I was also surprised at the number of mall stores I could actually shop at now. Forever 21 was a surprise when I found out they’d opened a plus size line in 2009, then called Faith 21 and now simply called Forever 21+. On their store locator you can actually specifically ask them to narrow it by stores that offer the plus line since I found out the hard way that not all of them do.

The other big expense on this list was the boots, which given that they’re boots isn’t that big of a thing. I’m taking a trip to NYC in a few weeks and very suddenly realized that the only shoes I own are flats, heels or canvas. Not very winter appropriate. Then again I never really need winter appropriate since I live in Texas, and the above is what I wore to work today, less than a week from Christmas. No coat or even a jacket required. I remember many a holiday season when on Christmas day I’d run around outside and play with my toys in shorts and a t-shirt, in fact, something that makes my northern friends balk.