Dress: Torrid ($22)
Leggings: We Love Colors; Teal ($15)
Shoes: Thrifted ($5)
Necklace: Claires ($1)
Earrings: Earthbound Trading Company ($3)
Belt: Forever 21 ($8)
Shrug: Lane Bryant; Thrifted ($8)
Bracelet: Torrid; ($3)

Total: $65

I am in love with We Love Colors tights. I own three pairs now, and they’re just so comfortable. And for a plus size girl, comfortable, durable tights are so freaking hard to find. And as a pro tip? They have an eBay store too, where they provide free shipping for the same price. They also offer white and black tights for $10 a pop on their eBay store.

Most of this outfit was bought yesterday while fighting through hordes of post-Christmas shoppers. On the up end I was able to tag a bunch of really fantastic deals, such as the 50% off all clearance items at Torrid and another one of my favorite sales– Claire’s 10 for $10. The way that one works is any red-lined item (item with the price crossed out in red pen) is $1, provided the original price was less than $10. You don’t have to buy 10 items, but I believe the max you can get at once is 10 items. Let me give you a close-up of this fantastic necklace I got for $1 yesterday.

In this shot we demonstrate how my photographing ability has been hopelessly crippled by years of MySpace profiling.

If you can brave the malls this week I highly recommend the trip. It’s hard enough to find fashionable plus sized clothes without paying an arm and a leg as it is, but finding tights for $9 at Lane Bryant? At Lane Bryant, the Anthropologie-priced store of the plus-sized world with none of it’s fashion taste? Absolutely worth dipping into the fray.