I almost forgot to put one up this week; I’m all mentally psyched for my New York City trip! I’ve never been before, so I’m completely stoked. — okay, I went once for half a day when I was eight years old. I’m twenty seven now. DOESN’T COUNT. My flight’s tomorrow and most of my adorable clothes are packed for said adventures, so I just thrust on clothing this morning in a harried frenzy to make it to work on time (failed) and just now as I leave the office in fifteen minutes remembered my joyous obligation to FATshion Tuesdays.

Especially since tonight will be spent running around and doing all the errands I forgot to do beforehand. What’s that? My cats need food to eat? Those needy bastards.

One day I’ll get a real camera. One day.

Top: Target; Clearance, $8 (4X)
Skirt: Lane Bryant; Clearance $10 (2X)
Belt: Forever XXI; $8.40 (2X/3X)
Necklace: Forever XXI; $3.80
Earrings: Stella & Dot; Gift
Shoes: Bandolino; $40, (8.5)

Total: $70.20

These are my guilty pleasure shoes. I should not have spent that much on them, but seriously, that was their half off price. I tried so hard to find a decent photo of them online but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I could find photos of almost everything else in my entire outfit (those links go to the exact product I’m wearing, when I’m able to find them online, for the record) except these damn shoes.

So here’s a crappy cell phone camera shot instead.

Don’t judge me.