So I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I got super busy and distracted and forgot about it entirely until I was almost passed out in bed last night. SO THIS WEEK IT’S FATSHION WEDNESDAY. Next week we will return to your regularly scheduled shit.


Bolero: Dress Barn; Gift (2X)
Dress: ASOS Curve; $28.65 (22)
Undershirt: Forever XI; $3.80 (3X, Turquoise)
Belt: Forever XI – $5.80 (2X/3X)
Shoes: Thrifted – $5 (10)
Necklace: Charming Charlie; $10
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange; $8
Bracelet: Torrid; $2.80

Total: $64.05

This outfit actually took me a ridiculous amount of courage to wear today. I have a huge, huge thing about the back of my knees and the front of my knees and my thighs– well, most of my legs, honestly. Despite being hardcore about fat acceptance and positive body image and believing bodies are beautiful in every shape and size, I still have issues with parts of my own body. Insecurities. Parts I look at and go “Why aren’t you right? Why can’t I have good legs/arms?”

The difference for me now, though, is instead of fighting with myself over how many leg-lifts I should do or how many calories I should restrict myself to in order to lose that cellulite I’m focused on learning to love these parts of myself regardless. To display them as brazenly as anyone else of “normal” size would. This dress isn’t abnormally short. People wear dresses like this all the time to work, so why can’t I? Why shouldn’t I? I usually have some sort of cover-up to go with it, like leggings or tights. Which when I think about it really makes no sense– all those do is hug the shape of my legs regardless. All it does is tint them a different color, sometimes make cellulite look less obvious and generally serve as a shield between my legs and the world.

I almost wore tights today. I almost did it. But I didn’t. I walked out, self consciously tugging my skirt down with my hands as I walked, wondering how high it rode up in the back, how much of my thighs and the backs of my knees were visible. Walked into the office. And put this picture on my blog.

And now I feel fantastic for having done it. Empowered. Unshakeable.

I’ve got fat thighs and I’m showing ’em off today. Bring it, world.