Dress: ASOS Curve – $50.20 (US 22)
Leggings: Dress Barn – $15 (2X)
Boots: Payless – $20 (8.5M)
Necklace: Individual Seller – $5
Earrings: Forever 21 – $3.80
Belt: Forever 21 – $5.80

Total:  $99.50

These boots. Let me tell you about how much I love these boots. I got them at a 50% off sale and wore the hell out of them while I was in New York City. So comfortable. So warm. So cheap.

This is a dress I don’t wear often mostly because I’m still trying to figure out how to    work it. The top half is actually sheer lace, so I kinda have to be careful with bra straps. I’m actually really surprised that I haven’t gotten ripped on for how much skin this top shows, given my last apparently inappropriate outfit. I do love ASOS Curve but their stuff tends to be pricier so I don’t usually buy from them unless I get a really good sale. This dress was kinda on the high end of what I’m usually willing to splurge because I’m stupid cheap.