So I completely forgot to do this yesterday. Whoops. BUT today’s outfit at least has  some kinda adorable happenings attached to it.

Shirt: Dress Barn; Gift (2X)
Belt: Forever XXI; $8.40 (2X/3X)
Skirt: Lane Bryant; $10 (2X)
Shoes: Thrifted; $10 (8.5)
Necklace: Street Vendor; $7
Earrings: Forever XXI; $3.80

Total:  $39.20

My mother got me this shirt one year for Christmas, and it was probably $15-20 if you want to factor that into the total.

So! I took this photo right before going out on my lunch break. I happen to work about three quarters of a mile from one of the three Forever XXI stores in Houston that sell the plus size clothing line, so once in awhile I’ll make the trek down there to see if they have anything worth picking up.

It was muggy and drizzling so I was walking pretty quickly, and a nice bike courier smiled and waved at me. Very polite, given that most of the bike couriers I’ve run into have been very much in a hurry, and reasonably so. So I went to the store, tried some things on, and had the women in the dressing room compliment my current outfit. I smiled and thanked them, feeling pretty– well, pretty. There’s some kind of boost I get from people working in clothing stores usually crammed with trendy clothing I can’t fit into complimenting my look. I went to Anthropologie once to buy dishes and had one of the ladies there compliment my style. And I sort of went “Thank you so much! I love the style here too, but you guys don’t carry my size. :(”

Anyway! So I made my purchases and left the store, walking back, and it just so happened that bike courier was peddling back up the opposite way towards me on the street. I didn’t even notice. Not until he cupped his hand and shouted “I like your outfit!” at me anyway.

And it wasn’t in a skeevy way. It wasn’t in an insulting “Yeah, nice outfit, fatty!” kind of way. Just in a nice, gentle, harmless compliment from a total stranger. It made me warm and fuzzy inside on a day that had previously been pretty sub-par for the most part.

And for my part, I’m in love with the color of this shirt. It happens to be my favorite color of all time (which is why my living room walls are painted a similar shade, though a few marks darker) and I tend to snap up clothing in this shade even if I can’t think of a way to wear them yet.

So two outfit compliments in a span of an hour. Not bad! I’m wearing it to a date tonight, so let’s hope it’s equally successful.