I wish there was a way to backdate these so it looked less embarrassing when I’m constantly making my Tuesday posts on Wednesdays. I actually took these photos yesterday and everything, just by the time I got home in the evening my brain consisted of “lsdkjflasjd” and then I passed out.

But on the upside, this dress is amazing and I love it! I got it from ASOS Curve and I actually polled some of my friends between two I was eyeing. This one won, and it just came in last week. I was really excited to give it a trial run.

Dress: ASOS Curve; $37.60 (20)
Cardigan: New York & Co; $30 (XL)
Shoes: Thrifted; $5 (10)
Necklace: Gift
Floral Pin: Charming Charlies; $10

Total: $82.60

Okay, I love this dress. It’s a nice “swooshy” material that swings a little when I walk, but the underskirt is nice and heavy so I don’t have to worry about pulling a Marilyn Monroe when I’m walking around outside. The only complaint I have is that the sheer part on the top part of the chest is a little too long for me; I had to keep tugging it up so my bra wasn’t visible. Though this could also be because I have a really short torso.

If you click on the link you may notice that it’s linking to a pink dress that’s twice what I paid for. Apparently they just ran out of the pretty blue/green one I snagged, which makes me pearl-clutch because I sat on ordering that thing for over a month. I kept staring at it going “I want you. But I should not spend the money.” Last time I was looking at it it was $50. Once it dipped below $40 I took the plunge. I REALLY like this color. It happened to go perfectly with this floral broach pin I got at Charming Charlies a few years ago, just before they picked up in fashion trends (and therefore skyrocketed in price).

New York & Company I’m always iffy on. I love their style, especially for work clothes, but I’m usually just one size outside of being able to wear them. If they carried an XXL (or more items in an XXL) I’d be golden. But I couldn’t pass up on this cardigan. Their stuff is also ridiculously expensive full price, so a friend of mine and I went in during a “buy one get one half off” sale and split the difference. It’s the only reason I ended up buying the thing at all.

And of course, my hideous golden glitter shoes that I now wear with everything. Because I’m five.