I know my glasses don’t match today, but I just got my new batch in yesterday from ZenniOptical, none of them matched this outfit, and I was too lazy to dig through my laundry hamper of clean clothes that I still haven’t hung up from Sunday.

Dress: Avenue, $25 (20)
Cardigan: Steinmart, $20 (2X)
Necklace: Charming Charlies, $9.50
Earrings: Earthbound Trading Company, $3.50
Shoes: Avenue,  $15 (8.5W)

Total: $78.00

This is a very simple dress I picked out one day at Avenue on a whim that I get tons of compliments on, no matter what outerwear I end up pairing it with. People ask me what event I’m dressed up for, tell me I look very professional– even when I’m wearing my loudest purple glasses to accompany it. Avenue is very good at basic black dresses in a variety of cuts and styles that are incredibly flattering to damn near any shape. AND they carry up to a size 32 in their stores. That’s right, actually in their stores.

A lot of plus size shops do with the larger end what regular clothing stores like Old Navy, Macy’s and Forever XXI do with plus sizes in general: they offer them online, and maybe if you’re lucky in certain stores, but rarely can you expect to just waltz into any old store and be able to shop. With Avenue you actually can. Of the main chain non-discount plus size clothing stores it’s become my favorite. When I need something in a quick pinch it’s usually where I stop. — well, I’ll hit the thrift store first since I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that has the Family Thrift chain, one with a huge selection of plus size clothes that are segregated from the regulars so you can actually find things in your size without going  “Ooh, this is prett– oh, a six. /puts back. lineface.”

And might I pimp out Zenni Optical again? I love Zenni Optical. They’re where all my glasses come from, and they’re stupid cheap. They’re prescription, and the average price is about $20 if you have regular single-vision glasses. I tack on the anti-reflective coating for a whopping $5 extra, shipping is about $5, and they take around two weeks to get to you. All you need is a copy of your prescription from your optometrist (which they are required to send to you, whether you buy their glasses or not, whether you’ve been in six years or one year) and get your pupillary distance measured. As someone with a huge head I’ve never had an issue with a pair of frames fitting my face.

Oh and Zenni Optical is having a buy two get one free sale right now. Just sayin’.

(Why do these people not pay me commission?)