Look at me, squeezing it in under the wire! I still have two whole minutes in Texas, damnit.

Dress: Avenue, $35 (20)
Necklace: Claire’s, $1
Shoes: Thrifted, $5
Cardigan: Gifted (18/20)

Total: $41.00

This was a quick-grab outfit this morning. The dress is one I’ve only gotten to wear once before– I specifically purchased it for when I went to a Broadway show during my New York visit this past January. I was told I didn’t really need to dress up, but man did I want an excuse to buy a fancy dress anyway. It actually has these really adorable flutter sleeves, but unfortunately my work dress code mandated that I wear something with longer sleeves so I had to cover them up. Woe and sadness.

This is also the outfit that made me realize that I officially need to own a pair of gaudy gold glasses. I was looking at my glasses selection this morning and going “Man, none of this works. I need glitter. I need GOLD.” Or if not glitter, at least gold alone. Gold is coming back in style, man, after years of letting coppers, brasses and silvers take the limelight. I never took much to it before but for some reason I have been lately. I blame these fabulously cheap glitter gold shoes, which you can actually see relatively clearly in my picture for once.

Oh, and as you may have noticed from the photo, I am now officially an iPhone convert. As a former Droid holder, this was a point of contention with a few of my friends when I switched over. I can say that initially I didn’t have a fantastic experience, but it’s smoothed out since. I’m having an Apple learning curve since I’ve never been big into Apple products (I have this silly thing where I like being able to customize my own hardware and software) so I’m not familiar with the iOS. I’m also a huge klutz and my fear of destroying it was one of my big holdbacks. As you can see, I immediately purchased a defender series Otterbox.

This was my first real experience using photos, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased. The colors definitely came out better than they did on my Droid, even if the quality seems to be about the same. Maybe a little better, but not by much. I didn’t have to tweak with any screen settings to make the colors of my outfit visible– and you can pretty clearly see the petal-esque layers on the front, which was the whole reason I snagged this dress in the first place. And a feature that probably would’ve required tweaking for viewing on my old HTC Evo Shift.