Continued from here, this is last week’s OotD!

Dress: Torrid ($22)
Necklace: Claires ($1)
Earrings: Earthbound Trading Company ($3)
Belt:  Forever 21; $8.80 (2X/3X)
Cardigan: Forever 21; $9.80 (3X)
Shoes: Thrifted, $5 (10)

Total: $49.60

Most of this I’ve worn before, except the belt. I still adore this dress and I wear the  heck out of it. I usually don’t shop at Torrid because the place is– well, it’s owned by Hot Topic. Which means it’s overpriced for low quality. You used to have to put up with that when your only two real clothing options were Lane Bryant or Torrid, and if you didn’t want to look like your mother you had Torrid as the only alternative clothing option. This is no longer the case, and apparently no one’s passed that memo onto Torrid. The original retail on this dress was something like $90, which, HAHA, no way. I just happened to snag it:

1. After it was on clearance.
2. During some big year-end half off all clearance items sale.

If I walk into a Torrid it’s always just to bee-line to the clearance section in the back where I rarely find anything I like anyway. But man, do I not regret this dress.