So, last week I fell into a glowing pit of lava and spent the rest of the week trying desperately to crawl my way out of it without all my skin melting off. Alternately, I plumb forgot to post the pictures despite taking them. So today’s a two for one! Last week’s and this week’s post due to me being a complete tool. First, this week!

Top: Forever XXI; $5.80 (3X)
Skirt: Thrifted; $7 (20)
Shoes: Avenue; $15 (9W)
Necklace: Forever XXI; $1.50
Bow: Forever XXI; $0.75

Total:  $30.05

Talk about a stupid cheap outfit! Man, I love outfits where I can use almost all Forever XXI basics. They’re starting to charge a little more for their “stylized” tops ($20-30 for vests and tops), but their basics are amazing. I’d been looking for something reasonably priced with this sleeve style for awhile now; I love the the ruched puffy sleeve deal because it makes my shoulders look less rounded. It’s also why I like shoulder pads. They’re coming back, don’t judge me.

And these shoes. Man, I fell in love with these heels. Avenue is having a big shoe sale right now, buy one get one free. And I got these in their $15 bin. AMAZING. Apparently they’re more expensive online and also out of the black, so definitely check out a local store if you can.

Now that I think about it, this outfit kind of makes me feel like a really awesome bumble bee.

The second outfit can be found right here!