I’m making this post ON TIME and even a little early on in the day, largely to distract myself from why I’m dressed up all fancy-fied today. I am giving a presentation! Aaaaah! On the big executive fancyface floor! AAAAH! I have one today and one tomorrow. I’m always cool with presentations and public speaking; I’m good at them, and I know once I’m up there I’ll be fine. But this half an hour wait until the event is killing me, man.

So, onto the fancy clothes!

Jacket: Avenue; $40 (20)
Undershirt: Lane Bryant; $20 (18/20)
Skirt: Thrifted; $5.43 (XL)
Necklace: Forever XXI; $6.80
Earrings: Forever XXI;  $1.80
Shoes: Avenue; $15 (9W)

Total: $89.03

Not bad considering this includes a suit jacket.

I love shopping sales racks. I don’t even know why this pink sequence top was on the sales rack, but it was and that knocked almost half off the total price of the thing. No way would I’ve bought this for $35-40, which is the problem I have with most of Lane Bryant’s stuff. They seem to think they’re still the only king of the hill. Back in the day it used to be you had Lane Bryant or you had squat, so us fat folks would shell out $50 for a cami because it looked cute and we had no other choices.

Now we have TONS. I saw a really cute cardigan I wanted to buy at Lane Bryant, but they wanted $60. $60 for a cardigan. I could get one cheaper at New York & Company and it likely would’ve been made better. I’ll wait until it hits the sales racks or Forever XXI makes a knockoff, thank you very much.