Ha! Look at me, making a fatshion post after a two week hiatus! Sorry guys, I got into a clothing rut. And a hair rut. Still in a little bit of a hair rut.

Dress: Thrifted; $10 (22)
Jacket: Forever XXI; $24 (3X)
Shoes: Thrifted, $5 (10)
Necklace: Forever XXI; $6.80

Total: $45.80

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still trying to figure out how to wear this dress. I love it, but it’s not a style I usually wear. It’s one I’ve always wanted to wear but could never find affordably in my style– sort of like the Love 21 line at Forever 21. Cream laces, pale peaches and rose fabrics, a color scheme I’ve always wanted to play with. It was a random thrift store find last week, and now I have a new wardrobe item to play with.

It actually has some really cute flutter sleeves in the same lace material that goes over the bust (see the third crappy photo in the array above). Unfortunately we have to wear sleeves at the office, thus the blazer. I’m also considering adding maybe a thin brown belt to the waistline; not too sure yet.

Oh well. I always mess up new styles before I get them right anyhow! It’s part of the fun of learning them in the first place.