Dress: ASOS Curve; $37.60 (20)
Cardigan: Gifted (18/20)
Shoes: Thrifted, $5 (10)
Necklace: Torrid; $4.80

Total: $47.40 

On Wednesday again, but this time on purpose! I’ve started commuting differently to work because I did some math on how much I was spending just in getting to work. I’m telling you, parking downtown in any major city is a complete racket. Some employers comp parking or bus passes but nope, not mine! So instead my morning and evening sojourns to and from the mystical land of cubicles and Flavia-brewed coffees was not only long and tedious, but had the added bonus of putting me back a whopping $450 a month. My office absolutely does not pay me enough for me to pave the road downtown with $450 in blood and oil money.

What does any of this have to do with FATshion Tuesday? I’m getting there, I promise.

As much as I love Houston (even if I hate the state it’s in 99% of the time), our public transport is horrible. There’s a very narrow section of the city that it actually reaches out to with it’s buses and the like, which is a travesty when you consider how many of us live outside of that window.

Way to be a dick, Metro.

Now, they have Park and Rides, where for the low, low price of $3.75 each way you can park in a giant lot and ride into town (but only downtown) on a bus that has no heater in the winter and no air conditioning in the summer, which I happily switched to, cutting my travel budget down to about $250. But as you might surmise by my tone I wasn’t too excited about paying three times the normal city fare for the privilege of keeping the City of Houston’s transit authority from having to do really, really hard stuff like plan out routes for buses to places people actually live in.

Recently they finally, finally, after living out in this area for twenty years, put out one lone city bus line that comes within ten miles of my home. So now I can drive down, park, and then walk half a mile to a bus stop for a mere $1.25 a trip. Bringing my travel budget down to an amazing $90 a month, but adding in more walking. Which isn’t necessarily bad, unless you’re creeping up into some of the hottest, stickiest months of the year where a trip from your front door to your car door ends in sweat. Then it’s a damp adventure in trying to figure out how to make “soggy” fashionable and idly wondering if you can pull off bald since your hair just ends up clinging to your skull like saran wrap in the end anyway.

And so that’s the really long story behind why I had a really bad hair day and didn’t want to take pictures.