Welcome back from the Memorial Day weekend, everyone! No, I don’t want to be at work either. But to cheer myself up I took advantage of a Memorial Day sale and decided to wear my findings to my near-vacant office today.

Dress: Dress Barn; $25 (18W)
Shoes: Avenue; $15 (9W)
Shrug: Thrifted (Lane Bryant); $8 (14/16)
Necklace: Charming Charlies; $5

Total: $53.00

This is the dress that’s making me think I’m going colorblind. In person it’s this deep, royal purple that’s apparently nearly impossible to photograph, so it keeps turning up an almost blue-ish color in my snapshots. I really, really love this color, though– it’s what drew me to the dress. The style itself is really simple; a ruched torso, cowl style neck and a deep “v” cut in the back. Sleeveless, thus the shrug when I wear it to the office. I love simple dresses like this because they’re so versatile. I can make it a basic work-casual like I have here, I could dress it down with a pair of flats and a basic cardigan, or I could really dress it up for a fancy outing if I needed to.

So you may have noticed an extra photo stuck up in the reel above. A photo of my hair. It may also appear curly (and I may also not be wearing makeup). I am finally, at the age of twenty seven, teaching myself how to curl my hair. It’s been an interesting adventure. My hair’s at an awkard length and curling it seems to be bringing it up to a less-awkward one, but my hair is also painfully straight. These curls? Fell out by the end of the day. The infamous humidity levels of Houston don’t help either; it doesn’t seem to matter if I use hair spray or not. I could use something stronger to hold them, but I like them having a kind of natural bounce instead of looking like they’ve been encrusted on my scalp.

I may continue these hair experiments, though likely not on weekdays when I have work. At least not until I get a better hang of it, since this took me forty five minutes and a couple of neck burns with the curling iron.