Top: Avenue, $10 (18/20)
Skirt: Ross, $5 (2X)
Eartings: Forever XXI, $3.80
Necklace:Charming Charlie’s, $5
Bow Clip: $0.50
Shoes: Avenue, $10 (8.5W)

Total: $34.30

So pardon the lack of formatting; this would be my first adventure with the WordPress mobile app. It doesn’t do so fantastic with images but everything else seems to be alright.

And yes, I gave up on my hair. I was walking out of my office on Friday and it was hot, humid, disgusting. I could feel my hair curl and stick to the back of my neck. And lo, across the street, a SuperCuts. Or as I like to call them, a sign. $15 and nine inches later I felt the immediate relief of my shorter hair again. No more figuring out how to style it. No more waiting for it to dry. Just simple, stylish bliss.

Also, I think this may be a record for my cheapest outfit ever. I got the Avenue items during huge sales of theirs, hence the steep discounts. This is the kind of top I love for the office: basic with just the tiniest flair.