The dress is here! My first test with Simply Be, a UK based store, which I’ve heard a lot of good things about. I got an amazing deal on their store and, with a little help from my Facebook friends, bit the bullet on a dress I’d been eyeing there for some time. When it came in yesterday I knew I had to try it today.

Dress: Simply Be; $25 (20)
Blazer: Forever XXI; $27.80 (3X)
Shoes: Avenue; $10 (8.5W)
Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Torrid; $4.80
Belt: Forever XXI; $5.80 (2X/3X)

Total: $73.40

Okay, so first off, I love this dress. I was hesitant to buy something in pink, being both a red-head and someone with incredibly pink cheeks, but I love it. I love tiered style dresses that hug between the bottom of the bust and the waistline; they work pretty well for me. The material’s nice even though it’s prone to a little wrinkling on the bottom, as you can see. The color was pretty accurately represented on the website. But, as you can see, the style isn’t very well represented.

I expected the bottom to.. poof out a little more? To have some sort of style or body, when it really just lays kind of flat. Maybe it’ll floof out a little more after it’s first wash, we’ll see. But man, this dress was so ridiculously inexpensive. I hit up their online sale ($36 right now) and used a coupon I have for 30% off plus free shipping from the UK. The code is 3391 for anyone who wants to take advantage, the code expires 7/31/12! They also sent me another coupon code for 20% off and free shipping that lasts until August sometime. I’m definitely keeping an eye on their sales section. A sale on a sale? Brilliant!

And this blazer. Man I love this blazer and I don’t have enough excuses to wear it. I actually bought it last summer and it looks like in a rare move Forever XXI is reselling it this summer. Must’ve been pretty darn popular. It’s super comfortable and I love the lace patterns. I do wish it had a button of some sort in the front — I’d be able to wear it more often then — but it worked out open for this dress in particular.

Also Forever XXI needs to get back in the business of belt making, especially skinny belts. Do they not understand how hard it is to get my hands on cute, cheap skinny belts? I’m so glad I grabbed up two in this style in their store last fall, I haven’t seen any since.