So I kind of fell off the face of the earth with these for awhile; life got kind of crazy! I packed up me and all my earthly possessions and in a journey that could most likely be successfully converted into an ironic indie dramedy relocated from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California at the end of January. My life since then has largely consisted of adjusting to working out of a new office, learning how to navigate a city that has mountains in the middle of it’s roads, and learning that skin moisturizer actually has a purpose for a larger group than I’d originally imagined.

I love it here; the weather is gorgeous, huge sprawling cities have always carried a large amount of appeal for me, but boy howdy if you want to feel fashionably inadequate this is absolutely the scene for it. No matter how awesome you think you look, you’re going to run into a flock of well-groomed and potentially surgically altered individuals who so precisely mold to the standardized image of fashionably beautiful that it can be difficult for anyone to feel more than passably attractive. Hollywood has certainly made it’s Jimmy Choo-shaped footprint on this city’s ego.

But I refuse to let myself slump! Instead I’ve decided to leverage local culture in a different way entirely; fat bodies are often seen as the opposite of all things visually desirable, and the fashion industry is certainly no exception. The favorite images of the public when it comes to us fine individuals consists largely of headless shots of us sagging sadly in a t-shirt and pair of sweatpants, donning a moomoo, or in some form or fashion hiding our blubberous mass from the public eye; something largely encouraged by any of those helpful tips that teach you how to make sure you can either trick people into thinking your fat isn’t there or make it so you blend in completely invisibly so no one would notice you in a crowd. Because fat is the absolute worst thing your body could be, as fashion tells us on a regular basis.

Fuck that, man.

I’m going to dress in the exact same fashions I see everyone else wearing. I’m going to make myself look awesome. And one thing I’ve noticed is people are so unused to fat folks with confidence that me just dressing like a normal person would can often be revolutionary. I’ll be wearing a completely normal dress and belt combo and have people stop me to compliment what I’m wearing. It was after a few subway rides with strangers that I unearthed that particular societal gem of secrecy; folks are so used to your average fat lady hiding herself from the public eye that defying this perception in and of itself is not only fantastic for body politics, but very fashion forward.

So I’m gonna start this thing up again. I may not do it every Tuesday now, but I’ll aim to do one at least every other week to get the ball rolling again. Here’s to fatshion!


Dress: ASOS Curve; $36.83 (20)
Belt: Forever XXI; $8.50 (2X/3X)
Shoes: SimplyBe; $36.00 (9E)
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange; $10.00
Earrings: Earthbound Trading Company; $5.50

Total: $96.83