Outfit of the day! Haven’t done one of these in awhile. Lack of laundry-doing forced me out of my usual lazy “grab a dress put it on stumble into shoes OFF TO WORK!” routine, and I kinda liked how it turned out.

Blazer: SimplyBe Colored Blazer; $39 (Size 20)
Top: Lane Bryant Sequin Tank, $10 (Size 18/20)
Skirt: Torrid The Pencil Skirt, $25 (snagged this on a BOGO for half off!); (Size 20)
Shoes: Avenue Heather Floral Pumps; $15 (Size 9W)
Necklace: Forever 21; $1.50
Earrings: Target; $7.99

Total: $98.49

My favorite part is the part that I almost didn’t do, the green blazer. It was early, dark, and I was tired and thought I’d grabbed my black blazer. We can’t wear sleeveless tops at work (which this is) so not wearing the blazer wasn’t an option. It wasn’t until I spied it in the elevator at the office that I decided I really liked it! So whee!

I also almost didn’t buy this top. I picked it up last year when Lane Bryant was shoving all their spring colors onto the sale racks for the summer because sparkles and sequence usually aren’t my thing.  But hey, $10 for a nice work shirt, why not?

And pencil skirts. Let me tell you about my history with pencil skirts. I hated them for so long because they always showed my bulges in front; not just showed them but PRONOUNCED them. They hugged my legs weird, and I could never quite figure out how to wear them properly. Then one day someone waved a magic wand over me and I just magically stopped giving a fuck about my visible stomach rolls (invisible here because of picture quality only) and embraced the pencil skirt. And let me tell you how many compliments I get when I wear these suckers now, not to mention how incredibly awesome it makes me feel.

Being a fat girl means we’re told our whole lives not to wear things that show off our bodies. No sleeveless tops no shorts no tight clothes. I still remember one of the first times I went out in public in a sleeveless shirt and what a big deal it felt like. And now nice it felt! I lived in Houston at the time and it was hot as hell; it felt so nice to be able to be just as cool as everyone else without feeling obligated to cover up.

Tight pencil skirts are my new sleeveless tops. Boldly going where my wardrobe has never gone before. And I love it. Fuck you beauty magazines, this fatty looks amazing in body-hugging fabrics.