Dress: ModCloth; $47.99 (3X)
Cardigan: ModCloth; $20.99 (3X)
Belt: Forever XXI; $5.80 (1X/2X)
Tights: Target; $10 (1X)
Shoes: ModCloth; $29.99 (41)
Bag: Kate Spade; Gifted
Necklace: ModCloth; $7.99

Total: $122.76

So obviously, this outfit went a little above my usual standard of “less than $100,” but I kind of wanted to get a little fancy for it. One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that almost anything I want to do or find is an option. So with the sudden desire to hand-sew things, me and a friend hiked it down to LA’s fabric district on a sunny Saturday morning. She was kind enough to bring her camera along and snap some photos. And yes, we totally scored on fabric and then gorged ourselves on delicious, delicious bulgogi. Even though I really miss a lot of Texas foods (I mourn kolaches almost daily) it is pretty neat having relatively quick and easy access to just about any cuisine you’d like.

As for the outfit, I absolutely adore this cat-print dress. As a certifiable cat lady I was way excited to see it go on sale and had to snatch it up immediately. It’s a little bag-like around the waist, but a quick cheap belt fixed that up right quick. I hate listening to fashion rules so I instantly paired it with black, from the belt to the tights, because fuck the police that’s why. But more seriously, I was actually educated on why this was an old fashion rule that no longer applies:

Back when the color rules were made, navy blue had a serious green tone to it.  There are two black dye processes, one red, and one green.  So you can imagine that you might get some clashing going on between various items.  But today’s navy is a deep cobalt blue, which makes it a whole lot safer when it comes to mixing.

So pair away that navy and black guilt-free! If you had any guilt about doing it before, anyway. Which you shouldn’t, because wear what you want, man.

I managed to get almost everything when they went on sale, which is the way to do ModCloth. A lot of their stuff can get pricey, so I tend to add the things I want to my Wishlist and wait for the stuff to go on sale. I’m in love with their cardigans, so I’m quietly stalking them to see when they go on sale. I just picked up the peacock yesterday at 20% off! Originally they only had your standard “super boring bland blah neutral” colors in plus sizes with a really large selection in “regulars,” but they’ve been expanding their options in a pleasantly surprising yet terrible for my wallet rate. I can’t even keep up! One thing they are great at though is carrying really cute, really fashionable clothing in plus sizes that are clearly designed by someone who knows how plus sizes work. They aren’t just a larger cut of the same dress, they’re actually fashioned differently. In several of the dress options now you’ll see that they actually have image clips for both the XS – L size dresses then an image of the 1X – 4X dresses.

Word of warning, though, that they tend to operate on a kind of juniors scale. As someone that’s usually a pretty firm 18/20 I find myself picking up a 3X and that fitting pretty well. But, as always, your mileage may vary. The comments are pretty accurate, and you can helpfully see images uploaded by other ModCloth shoppers to get an idea of how each will fit on you.